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Appvn is an app store just like the default google play store. Appvn is an acronym used for AppstoreVn.It is a third party application. Suppose you have to pay some amount in order to download an application. You can download the same for free by using an Appvn app.

It is an Android application which enables you to download all the paid apps for free. This app also allows you to download free music, e-books, comics, ringtones, wallpapers etc.


If you are searching for the answer to download paid apps for free, then you are certainly required to download the Appstorevn Apk file. Appvn allows you to download apps of every genre along with other downloads. Users, therefore, love the app and the offers provided. We can download Appvn APK for both Android as well as iOS devices.

Features of Appvn APK for Android


The developers have removed all the limitations the last version had. You can see the features of Appvn app below.

  • Appvn provides all premium version apps (from google play store) absolutely free on your Android or iOS device.
  • You can also download free music, HD wallpapers, eBooks etc. for free.
  • The new search features are accurate.
  • We can download new apps easily and faster.
  • You may even update your old mobile apps.
  • No need of the additional sign in for AppstoreVn.
  • Appvn also allows taking backup of your apps and data.
  • It is available for free.

Download Appvn APK for Android App English Latest Version Free

Before downloading Appvn app for Android device, make sure all of the following requirements are fulfilled –

  • Appvn APK fileis 12 MB in size. So, you need at least 40 MB free space to download as well as install the application.
  • The android version of your device should be 4.0 or above.
  • An internet connection is compulsory todownload Appvn APK.

If you meet all the above requirements, then you may download and install the app store Appvn on your device.

Appvn App Download for Android APK English & Install Appvn Store

Appvn APK file is not available to download on google play store. Follow the procedure given below to successfully install the Appstorevn APK file.


  • As we are going to depend on external sources for installing Appvn. So, first of all, allow installation of apps from unknown sources( you can also verify the unknown source, if possible). Installation from unknown sources can be enabled by going to settings-> security-> Unknown sources.
  • After the settings of the device had changed, search for the “Appvn Apk download” in any web browser like chrome and open the official website.
  • Download the latest version of the apk file from that official website.
  • Install the apk file.

After the installation, you need to change the language. Because the default language of Appvn is Vietnamese. To set the English language as default, follow the steps.

  • Tap on the topmost left button to open the sidebar.
  • Click the seventh tab (Gear icon) in the sidebar to open the settings.
  • Click the third tab for language settings
  • Choose English

Enjoy downloading all the applications for free on your Android phone by installing Appvn APK English latest version app.


Download & Install Appvn for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP Computer

If you don’t want to pay for premium apps, Appvn will help you download it for free on your laptops or PC. Downloading this can be tricky but with the right instructions one can easily download Appvn for windows and download all premium apps for free on your PC. There is no official Appvn to download but you can get anything on the internet nowadays. You need to have Appvn android file to download it for your PC before we go into details on how to download it let us have a look at its features.



Features of Appvn for PC

  • One can easily download premium apps for free on your computers.
  • You can access this on both android and IOS.
  • You can easily change the language you want because it is originally in Vietnam.
  • It offers a wide range of apps from games, movies, wallpapers, ringtones, e-books and also comics.
  • Best alternate app store.
  • One can find many apps due to its variety and is easy to search.


Since there is no official way of downloading Appvn it can be tricky to download it on your phone, but nothing is impossible nowadays there is a solution to everything. From the below steps one can download Appvn on your PC just follow all the steps.

  • First, you have to download an android emulator to download Android apps on PC.
  • The best android emulator is Bluestacks. Download this and follow the installation procedure and run the Bluestacks program.
  • Once the installation is complete you need to download the Appvn APK file after which you will be able to use it on Bluestacks.
  • After downloading the file go to downloads and right click on the apk file and open it with Bluestacks.
  • After installation is complete open the emulator and click all apps and you can see that Appvn will be present.
  • Open the Appvn file and you can start downloading any app which is premium for free.

There might not be any official version of Appvn but when you are getting a worthwhile app with exceptional features why not make the best use of it so if you need a premium app for free download Appvn for PC and Appvn for windows 8.1, 8, 7, 10, XP, Vista laptop computer devices


Appvn iOS 10/10.1.1/9.3.2/8/7 Download on iPhone, iPad

Appvn iOS, iPhone, iPad Download: Appvn is an application on both iOS and Android operating systems that helps the people to download all the paid applications, free games, etc. The application also provides the interesting entertainment elements like wallpapers, comic books, eBooks and music for downloading. Appvn is an android application but it can be downloaded for Apple devices with the iOS operating system like iPad or iPhone or all different kinds of Apple devices. Here you can see the guide on how to download Appvn for Android.

The best attractive feature in this application is the availability of the comic books for free and the interesting feature of Appvn is that the paid games can be obtained for free. Know how to download Appvn for PC.


Appvn iOS Download on iPhone/iPad

appvn for ios

Appvn for iOS can be downloaded with the help of the specific web link and this application is provided for free of cost. The application mainly helps the user to access different kinds of entertainment elements for free without any additional costs for the users. The biggest advantage of this application is the user-friendly nature of the application for accessing the application by the user and he/she can download the other applications easily. Download Appvn APK for Android phone.


Features of Appvn iOS/iPhone/iPad

Some of the most important features in Appvn for iOS are explained below

  • The premium applications can be downloaded for free without any cost to the user
  • Appvn for iOS is one of the best third-party application stores which provides the desired services for the user
  • The biggest advantage of the application is that is available for both the operating systems Windows, Mac OS, etc.
  • The regular usability of the application due to the flexibility does not prompt the user to uninstall the application
  • The various applications inside are easy to find with the help of the options available
  • It offers many applications of different varieties like Education, Entertainment, etc. in various formats available


Download Appvn iOS 10/10.1.1/9.3.2/8/7 on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Appvn iOS download using an iOS operating system or Windows operating system is not available officially online since it is an application for the android operating system. So, if the user wants to download Appvn for iOS, then the user should follow the below-mentioned procedure. and one of the best possible ways to download the application and install this android application on Desktops or Laptops is with the help of the web link on the Apple devices. This weblink method is the best way to download and install the games and applications on iOS and use them.

And one of the best possible ways to download the application and install this android application on Desktops or Laptops is with the help of the web link on the Apple devices. This weblink method is the best way to download and install the games and applications on iOS and use them.


How to Install Appvn for iPhone/iPad/iOS/iPod 

The user needs to follow the below-mentioned procedure

  • The safari browser on the device should be opened and the link should be opened
  • The valid results will be shown on the screen and the application Appvn for iPhone, iPad iOS is visible for download
  • Download the IPA file of the application by clicking on the download option
  • The user needs to install the application after downloading it on the Apple device by clicking on the install option
  • The user will be prompted with the relevant options of download
  • Appvn application will be installed on the user’s system and after it is downloaded, the user can access the application

The above mentioned is the procedure for downloading Appvn iOS 10/10.1.1/9.3.2/8/7 for iPhone/iPad/iPod. The user can use this application for installing various applications as mentioned above.