iOS Emulator for Android & Windows PC

iOS Emulator For Android

iOS Emulator For Android

Getting an I phone is not possible for everyone. Everyone can’t afford to have such an expensive phone. But they have the desire to use all the applications and features which are available on an I phone. As technology has been advanced so, to use I phone application on your Android is remain a problem n notow. You can get access to these I phone applications through an iOS emulator for Android. You can easily download it. There are many iOS emulator for Android phones available. The best are listed below:


Cider: Cider iOS emulator is suitable for Android. It allows you to download and run any app of iPhone in your Android phone totally free. It’s doesn’t have any limitations or restrictions. Moreover, the user interface of Cider is simple and easy.


iEMU: iEMU is also known as Padiod. This emulator for Android is also absolutely free. It can work perfectly on rooted and non-rooted smartphones.

However, if your phone has less than 1 GB than, iEMU can create some problems using it. You have to clean background running applications in order to run this emulator on your Android phone.


iOSmus: iOSmus is another great emulator for Android. You can easily download any app on your Android just by clicking on the apps and games. IOSEmus emulator user interface is very simple and straightforward because all thee apps are categorized.


All in one iOS emulator: All in One iOS emulator is the last best emulator but not the least in our mentioned list. In all in one iOS emulator, you can experience all the iPhone applications even of iphone6. The uniqueness of this emulator that is has Siri. This thing is only available expensive iPhone. It has many add on features such as music and camera app. However, the user interface of all in one iOS emulator is not too good. If you want a web-based emulator for your Android then, is the best. You can any iOS app on your Android for free. This simulator doesn’t need to root your Android. Appetize is can also be work on Windows and Mac PC.


What is an iOS emulator for Android?

An iOS emulator for Android enables you to run all those applications on your Android phone without any problem which is only available for I phone users. iOS emulator for Android allows us to use all the applications for free of cost. It doesn’t take any charges.

However, some applications are not supported, but still, they run free. These applications run without any access to roots.


iOS Emulator for Windows

What is an iOS emulator for Windows PC?

An emulator is a software that makes PC windows 7/8/10 to work like an I phone. To run I phone apps on Window you need to download an emulator so, your windows can work like I phone. So, would wasting a time let’s move on the best emulator for Windows.

iOS emulators for windows PC

Smart face: This emulator is basically designed for professionals. This app has the most features which gives you a new perspective.

Features of Smart face:

  • These applications work on Android and iOS debuggers for Windows.
  • Cross-platform development
  • Clean app and highly recommend after testing

iPhone simulator: It’s a simple app to run games and apps on laptops and PC. It’s main focus to run games. Although it lacks some features.

But if you are a gamer lover then, it is the best emulator you should download.

Features of iPhone simulator:

  • Power application for gaming
  • High-quality graphics
  • The UI is similar to iPhone