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Manga Stream

If you are an avid Manga reader, then you must be aware of the Mangastream site. It is a one-stop solution for all Manga lovers. The website basically offered scanned and translated copy of the authentic comics. These scanned copies were available in multiple languages. But now the website is no more accessible for the users. Users are left in utter shock and dismay that this site works no more. It was a sheer source of joy and excitement for all the Manga lovers. But now that it is no more accessible, users have started looking for Mangastream alternative. Till now, there is no official information available as to why Mangastream is inaccessible.

mangastream alternatives

Best alternatives of Mangastream:

Here are some of the best alternatives that you can use in case you are a Manga lover. Here we go:

  • MangaPanda: This website is almost similar to Mangastream. There is so much similarity even in the user interface. It offers a wide variety of Manga comic series for the Manga lovers.


  • MangaFreak: It is one of the most underrated scanlation websites for Manga lovers. It offers a plethora of content belonging to different and unique genres. The website was not that much popular earlier. But now that Mangastream is not available, this site is gaining steep popularity because of lack of competition.You can also download your favourite one-pieceMangastream comics from this site.


  • KissManga: It has a humongous collection of over 1,00,000 manga comics. You will never get bored once you come to know about this website. It offers tons of top-notch scanned quality manga comics. The updates come so frequently. You never have to wait to read your favourite manga comic. Besides, it has unique and cool features as well. Whenever the list gets updated, you get to see a notification. Also, it is easy to search for your favourite Manga from the latest list and chapters.


  • MangaOwl: This one is quite popular with the readers.It releases WSJ series episodes even before the official release. It offers almost 50 genres of Manga, including Action and Yuri. It is also possible for users to submit Manga from the collection section. You will get an idea of a manga series from the individual user ratings.


  • MangaDex: This scanlation site is one of the best alternatives for Mangastream. It includes varieties like Sheinen, Josei, Shonen, Webtoon manga comics and so on. You can enjoy these manga comics in over 20 languages such as German, Italian etc. You will also get multiple versions of Manga – official crossover manga, fan-fiction endings, coloured version. Users can also form groups for sharing, discussing, uploading and collecting manga series. It is possible for readers to follow certain groups as per their likings.


  • MangaFox: It offers both WSJ and WSM manga series for the users. It is quite famous among manga lovers. In order to read these comics, you need to have MangaZone application in your Android or Ios phones.

So if you are a hardcore manga lover, then you need not mourn due to Mangastreamdown There are multiple options available to cater to your interest.