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SHAREit APK Download: SHAREit is one of the most popular apps for File transfer and sharing between devices. Flexibility and speed are the most important features of SHAREit and the file transfer app is available for Android, Windows and Apple (iOS) operating systems. Here is a tutorial that will help you download SHAREit for Android mobile, iPhone, Windows 7/8/10 Laptops, Desktop, PC and MacBook for free. Download the latest version of SHAREit APK below after reading about it’s features, pros and cons.


What’s SHAREit ?

App Name SHAREit
Description A Free File transfer tool that allows users to share Music, Movies, Games, Photos and .apk files between two Wi-fi compatible devices
Parent Company Lenovo
First release In 2012 as AnyShare
Latest version 4.0.3 (updated on 30/04/2017)
Other products LISTENit, LOCKit, CLONEit, CLEANit

SHAREit APK: Are you looking for a free app to transfer your Music, Movies and Games to a Desktop PC/Mobile phone? or even send your favourite photos and videos to your friends and family instantly on the go? We’ve got you covered. Now, transfer/send files from one mobile to another Mobile/PC/Laptop easily with SHAREit App – #1 file transfer in the world that allows you to connect with your friends instantly and send your files with a blazing speed of up to 10 MB/s (MegaBytes). Although there are other methods to share files between devices like bluetooth and USB cable transfer, SHAREit APK is the most effective and fastest of them all which makes it a time saver than the other methods. SHAREit has been leading the file transfer app market for quite a long time now and many people are now familiar with the app which is also a default app in mobiles of Lenovo, Xiaomi, Mi, Samsung and other newly released mobile phones.

How does SHAREit APK work?

SHAREit is an innovative technology that uses Wi-fi adapter in our devices to form a home network with other Wi-fi adapters around us. For example, when the user wants to send a file to other device like iPhone, Windows or Android., the app turns on a Wi-fi hotspot and makes the other device connect to this hotspot through it’s app interface. When both the devices are on the same IP address, SHAREit sends large files as small bits and pieces using the maximum Wi-fi speed of the device. Thus, the receiver receives files very fast as the transfer range of Wi-fi is much higher than bluetooth/cable. All the data is sent as packets to secure the files that are being transferred. This technology is called Wi-fi Peer – Peer connection and is used in all the file transfer apps that use Wi-fi hotspot as their mode of transfer.

What are the Features of SHAREit APK?

Launched in early 2012, SHAREit has one main feature of file transfer and share that made it popular. But now, there are some other new SHAREit features that make the UI and file transfer easy and simple.

  • Free and fast file transfer up to 65Mb/s.
  • File explorer included in app.
  • Instantaneous connection between two devices i.e., minimal time to detect and connect to a device even within long range.
  • Send mega size files like Movies fast with SHAREit’s advanced technology that sends the data as multiple and small files.
  • New avatars for fun experience.
  • A 40% increase in transfer speed with both devices having the latest version of the app.
  • Flexibility of file sharing from Mobile>PC, PC>PC and Mobile>Mobile.

SHAREit APK New features:

  • Group share with multiple devices at once
  • Pre-installed video player
  • Locking your files with LOCKit
  • Clean junk
  • App Manager
  • Connect PC
  • Webshare
  • File backup
  • Direct control PPT from mobile

What formats work with SHAREit?


SHAREit also supports Vector images, bitmap images, contacts, messages and various types of Apk files making it one of the best in the market.

Download SHAREit APK Free:

SHAREit works on Android, Windows, iOS platforms and is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, MacBook, Mac Sierra, iPhone 5/6/7, Android KitKat/MarshMellow/Nougat etc. Most of the downloads for the SHAREit app are from Google PlayStore which operates with Android. So, here is the SHAREit APK Latest Version (V 3.8.8) apk download for android.


Download SHAREit for PC, Windows 7/8/10 Computer & Laptops

SHAREit APK for windows pc


SHAREit is also compatible with Windows operating systems which enables the file transfer from Mobile to PC. For SHAREit to work on PC, it should be Wi-fi enabled and there should be an option for a hotspot. Normal Desktop computers lack this feature unless there is an external Wi-fi adapter connected to the computer. So, new generation laptops are the best devices to install SHAREit for laptops as they ensure speed and compatibility. But don’t worry, here is a guide that’ll tell you every possible way to download and install SHAREit for PC, Windows 7/8/10 operating systems and Laptops.

SHAREit for PC [Tutorial and download links]

Follow the link to get SHAREit for PC Windows 10 and SHAREit app download for PC & Laptops with Windows 7/8.

SHAREit APK for Android free download

shareit apk android


Android is evolving fast with new updates every now and then which makes the users impossible to keep in track with the latest versions of the apps in their mobiles. If the auto-update feature is turned off, there may be danger of running an outdated version of the app which will slow down the the phone resulting in screen hanging and RAM problems. So, to ensure that the apps are on point, many users download APK files to their mobile phones which are the latest versions of the app. APK files are also useful to use older versions of the app that some users may prefer and with phones with Google PlayStore in them, will have a great time running these APK files. Here is a guide with SHAREit APK download files with older versions and latest version.

SHAREit Apk for Android [Guide+free download]

SHAREit for MacBook, iOS, iPhones & Apple laptops



We all know that Windows runs .exe files and Android runs .apk files but in iOS and MacBook laptops, applications are saved and run as .dmg files which create an external disk to run the app similar to .iso files in Windows. Of course, we can delete the disk image after installing the program, but we need .dmg files to run in iOS devices like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhones and Apple PC. Follow the Guide below to download SHAREit for iOS and also various other ways you can run SHAREit App on MacBooks and iPhone 5/6/7/10/11.


SHAREit for iOS [Guide+Download+Alternatives]


SHAREit App Apk for Windows

Windows phones are the handy versions of Windows laptops with all the phones running Windows 10 operating systems. Some prominent phones are the Microsoft Lumia mobiles/tablets. As many users use these phones, SHAREit is also available for Windows users and the official SHAREit app is available on Windows store. You can download it from the official link below or download from our secure server with ‘How to install SHAREit for Windows phone’ tutorial and latest version download links.

SHAREit for Windows Phone [Windows store]

SHAREit for Windows mobile [How to install+Latest version of SHAREit Apk]


How to use SHAREit APK? [Free Guide+Tips]

There are many ways SHAREit is helpful in our day to day life and as the app is compatible with many devices and operating systems, many users use this app. But if you are new to SHAREit app, let us guide you on How to use SHAREit properly and how to use it’s amazing features.


Five simple steps to use SHAREit App- File transfer and share:


Before using SHAREit APK to transfer files, complete the installation and setup process that includes a ‘Device name, Avatar, Default file location’. If you didn’t setup a default file location, all the files transferred through app will be saved in a new folder named ‘Shareit’.

  1. Every time you open the app, you will be seeing the home screen with two options, ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’. If you want to send a file, press the ‘Send’ button and if you want to receive a file from sender, press ‘Receive’.
  2. Make sure that the other device is set on ‘Send/Receive’ depending on your device. For example, if you want to send a file to your PC, open the app on your PC and press ‘Receive’ and vice versa if you want to receive a file from your PC.
  3. After you press ‘Send’, you will be directed to a screen that’ll scan nearby devices that are on ‘Receive’. Select your files and tap on the appropriate avatar of the receiver to send files instantly.
  4. If you are receiving a file from sender, you just have to wait until the sender finds your avatar and the app will notify you with their avatar if you want to connect. Just press on the avatar to connect and receive files.
  5. All the received files will be available once received and you can open them directly from the SHAREit app.

So, download SHAREit App to enjoy free unlimited file sharing for your favourite device.