Steam Content File Locked

How to fix steam error: “content file locked”?

Steam is the ultimate spot for playing, discussing and creating games and controls around 75% of the PC gaming market place.

With such a huge market share and roughly 37,000 games in the store, it is recently showing trends of technical errors.

This article will be dealing with the reasons as well as solutions to the issue of a steam content file locked.

content file locked
Developed by Valve corporation in September 2003, The steam store was initially designed in such a way that it provided automatic updates for all its games and further expanded to include games from third-party publishers. However, when you update a steam game, sometimes it shows content file locked for steam.
Now the question arises, what does content file mean and how to fix a locked content file on steam?

So, the steam content file locked means that steam was not able to write updates file on your hard disk. This is simply why you were unable to play the latest version of the game.
Steam game content file locked is a widespread error and is often considered difficult to resolve. However, this error is easily fixable with a reasoned approach.

Steam Content File Locked
Now, to fix the error of content file locked on steam you can follow any of the method laid below:

1. Uninstall steam and all the local game content

This is the most helpful method possible but is time taking and consumes a large amount of data.
Afterwards, you will have to reinstall steam store from scratch.

2. Keep a check on the Antivirus installed on your computer.

Most of the time the antivirus installed on your computer is the root cause of steam content file locked.
Sometimes, these antiviruses mark the steam files as a potential hazard to the system and lock it.
That’s the reason the content file locked error pops up when you write these files on your hard disk.
The solution to this is, you must disable the antivirus but only until your steam game is updated. Once done enable the antivirus again.

3. Change steam and game file location

You can also try changing the steam installations and the game file location.
Doing this might help you in eradicating steam game content file locked error.

4. Reset Winsock

Also known as Windows Sockets API, it is a technical specification which tells how windows network software should access network services.
Once the Winsock gets reset, you can try updating the game to check if the content file locked error has been solved.


To reset Winsock, follow the given steps:

Step1: Press Windows icon and R key simultaneously on the keyboard.

Step2: You have to type “cmd” in the Run box and click OK.

Step3: Type netsh Winsock reset in command prompt and press Enter key.
Your Winsock has been reset.

5. Repairing corrupt files.

If none of the above methods helps to puncture the content file locked error.
Then you can try troubleshooting the corrupt file and download that file again.

Follow the steps given below to repair corrupt files on your system.

Step 1: Exit Steam and browse to your Steam directory.

Step 2: Click on logs folder and then press Txt.

Step 3: scroll till the bottom of the text file to search for any errors that might be logging your system.

Step 4: Now look for the folder named as root.

Step 5: Restart the Steam and move to the downloading folder.

Step 6: An update option will appear, Click on that option to update the necessary files to kill the flaw.

These were all the simple solutions possible to fix the steam content file locked error.
Hit and try them all to find the right one for you.