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Best Steam Games for Mac


Owing to the covid19 pandemic, we feel we are stuck up in our home with no work to do. We have plenty of time and nothing to do. So how to kill our time? If you are fond of gaming and own a Mac device, then we have an awesome idea for you. There are multiple Mac games on Steam playing which you can spend your time. If you are an avid gamer, you will not want to waste these golden gaming moments.

Steam for Mac

Have a look at some of the best free games on steam for Mac:


  • Civilization 6: This game has to top our list because of its amazing features and graphics quality. While playing the game, you get a chance to gain control over civilization and make history. You will get lots of tasks such as creating a religion, researching technologies, building trade routes, forming a team of army and so on. It is a highly addictive game. Here you need to make strategies to come out victorious. It also has the feature of city planning. Many more units have been added, such as the latest mechanics and civilisations. It is indeed one of the best steam games for mac.


  • Football Manager: This is a simulation game in which you get the charge of handling a football team. You get to choose any football team from across 50 nations across the world. Being the manager of the team, you need to decide about the playing team, their training method, media management and so on. If you love the game of football, then this can be your ideal steam for mac


  • Counter strike-Global offensive: It is a shooter game in the competitive FPS format. Counter-Strike has evolved as a whole new game with much better features like new maps, weapons, characters and so on. It is a free-to-play game with Danger Zone as well. The battle royal mode is quite new and innovative.


  • XCOM 2 collection: It is again a highly popular strategy game. You have to lead an army of the human race. Most of the human species are dead because of an alien attack. Either you have to accept their rule or resist against their p
  • RimWorld: It is a single-player simulation game. You will be in an alien world, trying to survive in an interstellar shipwreck. At the same time, you may not want your fellow survivors to live on. You will have to build up a modern colony and protect it from raiders and other lifeforms. You are allowed to trade, make survival attempts, fight during the process and get destroyed.


  • Divinity-Original Sin 2: It is a role-playing game with turn-based combats, complex story, multiplayer campaigns and many more exciting features. You can play with three other players online or locally too, via split-screen.


Without any dought download steam for mac games and start enjoying!

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